Top Custom Home Building Trends for 2020

What’s new in home design trends?

Comfort and beauty meet alongside this year’s hottest features for a custom build. Local, family-owned company, Manuel Builders, with 55 years of experience providing attractive, well-designed homes throughout South Louisiana, gives us six top custom home building trends for 2020.

  1. Trash Pull

One design feature that everyone needs is a trash pull so your trash can isn’t exposed in the kitchen.

  1. Floor Outlet

With floor outlets, you won’t have cords running from one side of the room to the next when you float your furniture.

  1. Study

There’s plenty of interest in a study these days. People want a space where they can do their Zoom meetings quietly, away from family members.

2020 home design trends Manuel Builders

  1. Color

A lot of white and cream colors are in. Pretty popular accent colors are navy blue and grey. Grey for walls is coming back as well.

  1. Outdoor Space

Some of the top features in a custom build right now are outdoor living spaces such as outdoor grills and outdoor fireplaces.

  1. Bathroom

Free-standing tubs, large showers and showers that overlook the bathtub are popular. Showers and tubs tend to be the centerpiece of the master bath.

Because we’re all spending more time at home these days, it’s extra important that our living quarters be pleasing to the eye while suiting the needs of everyday life. Give yourself and your family the ultimate feeling of contentment with these top design trends.

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